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Dominican Republic

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NIKO (Greek: "perseverance")


The next NIKO begins on Monday, April 6 and ends on Friday, April 10, 2020.


To request a NIKO application click on the link (above to the right) and let us know that you are interested.


NIKO is a leadership development program in the outdoors, run by YWAM Santiago. It is a 5 day camp, during which you will discover more of who God has created you to be. Your classroom will be the outdoors, the "classroom of life". You will learn techniques of how to work in team, be trained in leadership, and you will go beyond your limits as you would have never dreamed possible. We have seen radical changes in groups as they learn to give up their individual rights, grow in interdependance, and find strength in God. Come with us and discover God in new ways!

Email us for the application